Singer, songwriter Marylya is an artist beyond genre and comparison. Her music does not belong to a specific culture and she moves freely between improvisation and structured songs, tension and appeasement, lyricism and force. Her voice is haunting and compelling. She has performed extensively around the world with musicians, visual artists and dancers.


Japanese photographer Araki, with whom she has collaborated several times, once wrote that her performances are distinguished by their “essentially theatrical strength, a mood filled with sorcery. Because there's no way to sum up her sound by just saying 'marylyan' music, I urge you to experience her at least once.” (Heibon Magazine, Tokyo).




. Reborn art Festival, ishinomaki, japan - 2019
. église des jesuits, molsheim, france - 2019
. fête de la musique, chartreuse de molsheim, france - 2019
. Homage to kazuo ohno, theater kai, tokio - 2018
. superdeluxe, tokio - 2018


. Los Angeles - Project Aqui, Univ. of Southern California (USC)
. São Paulo - Crowne Plaza Theater
. Kuala Lumpur - National Art Gallery
. Tallinn - Jazzkaar
. Vilnius - Vilnius Kaar
. Sydney - Kinselas
. Athens - Babel Festival
. Paris - Centre Georges Pompidou
. Tokyo - Tokyo Design Center; Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (MoMAT)
. Kyoto - Performance Arts Center, University of Kyoto
. Montpellier - Festival Radio France, Carte blanche à Noir Desir
. Nantes - Pannonica
. Strasbourg - MusÉe d'Art moderne et contemporain
. London - Cafe Oto



"Cosmic Shaman". Slaurys Narbutas, Lietuvos Rytas, Lithuania

"Hearing her voice on stage is like hearing some one play a new exotic instrument. It is simultaneously beautiful and mesmerizing. It awakens us to worlds we don't see." Belle Grener Gironda, The Sand Papers, North Carolina

"Recordings of Marylya serve to initiate a newcomer to her unlimited range of sounds. But they do not do justice to the depth of her singing, and her searching and expressive voice that grips you." Shaila Koshy, The Star, Kuala Lumpur.

"I don't often hear something for which I have virtualy no frame of reference." Option Magazine, USA

"Shades of her voice projected joy and sadness … a performance with poetic images, an extremely inspiring experience." Immo Mikhelson, Esti Aeg (Estonian Times)

"Marylya's voices liberate. There's no need to ask the source. Just let them go freely, through your body." Akira Asada, Opinion Leader Japan

"Rarefied and jarring … a music that is softly haunting, purified and hybrid, something to delight the lovers of new sensations." Andrea Petrini, Metro, Lyon


When the sun rises
on the eastern wall of my heart
my whole body becomes a golden flute
and begins to play a melody
that controls nature

"A Fixed Star of the Ocean" excerpt